Movies to be avoided

We watch movies – a lot of movies. I suppose that it is safe to say that my favorite genre is the romantic comedy. I can’t help it. I am a sucker for a happy ending.

That said, I am compiling a list of movies that should be avoided by those of us who are someone’s second wives. So far, the list includes “Crazy, Stupid Love,” “It’s Complicated,” and the most recent edition “Big Wedding.” Not that I want to ruin the plot for you (stop reading now if you must) but in all of these cases, the lead male character finds himself sleeping with his ex-wife. In most cases, this event is precipitated by the original nuclear family all getting together for a special occasion like a wedding or graduation. Since I am married to a man who thinks it would be great to spend holidays and such with his ex for the sake of the kids, I find these movies pretty hard to stomach.

I am still not sure why two people who failed at marriage sleeping together, despite their current commitments, seems to be such an attractive concept. But I do know that my husband regrets us watching each and every one of those movies. Typically, they remind us of evening (date nights even) that start out with great promise and end with me in tears.

So, take heed – cross those off the “must rent” list. I know we will do our research more thoroughly before we rent our next “romantic comedy.”


About bradybonusmom

I recently combined my family (me and my 7-yr old son) with another family (dad and five kids). Needless to say, this has thrown us into a whole new world. We look a lot like the Brady Bunch - except we don't have an Alice.
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One Response to Movies to be avoided

  1. Stephanie says:

    As a the wife of a man who has been married before with children, I literally almost walked out of the cinema during Big Wedding. I stuck it out and in the end didn’t mind the movie… But yes totally relate, what is the obsession with these movies where exes get back together and it’s like they were always meant to be together just because they once had children together. Have to just see the humor in it really! Maybe they are trying to appeal to all the ex wives?

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